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Heather Splain, LMFT

Heather Splain, LMFT

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Hi, I’m Heather Splain, and I’m living my best life in California with my therapy pup, Avé.  She is my sidekick who comes to work with me every day to help with Animal Assisted Therapy.  I’ve experienced a winding journey getting to where I am today.  I started my career initially as an Elementary School Teacher, transitioned to a School Counselor and finally hung my hat on being Marriage and Family therapist.  I’ve worked with clients aging from three years old, all the way past retirement age!  I am a curious person by nature and love learning someone else’s story.  Whether it’s building relationships, empowering people with resources, identifying personal grows and glows – we are a team in the Peace of Mind Wellness & Family Counseling. 

I have worked with various stories and stages in life that have touched the stressors in life, and changes in journeys that may have caused anxiety, trauma, depression and grief.  I am client-centered and want to hear your story, while working with various techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Art, Music, Present-Moment Grounding, Guided Imagery and solution-focused angles.  I’m here to hold space in a nurturing, empowering and loving way, so that clients may overflow their cup into life, rather than pouring out of an empty container. 

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