Adolescent Counseling

Adolescent Counseling

Adolescents undergo various changes as they move through the development stages toward adulthood. Some ranges of emotional, cognitive, and social growth are predictable, while others can become so difficult that they need adolescent counseling as they continue to mature.

Shifts in mood, thinking, and behavioral patterns can make it difficult for parents to know if these changes are normal. Some youth may show signs of something more challenging. These symptoms may interfere with their happiness and ability to make social connections.

Peace of Mind Wellness and Family Counseling, Inc offers consultation services to answer developmental questions for young people and their parents. Our compassionate professionals can help young people and their parents tackle problems that may hinder their healthy growth.

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Why Parents Should Consider Adolescent Counseling

Adolescents express emotional distress differently from adults. Although parents were once kids themselves, their perspective in dealing with seemingly erratic behavior is often through the lens of an adult.

When adolescents perceive their world as either awesome or awful, parents may not know how to best respond. Some young people struggle with productive ways of coping with emotional and physical changes. These struggles may cause them to act out in other ways such as:

Even with constant support from friends, teachers or parents, some young people cannot shake feeling abnormal. Therapy can be an effective way to help them deal with problems that do not resolve over time.

Peace of Mind Wellness and Family Counseling, Inc. provides individual and family therapy for young adults. We encourage parent participation because problems a young person faces impacts the entire family.

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