Telehealth Services

We Offer Telehealth Therapy as an Opportunity to Meet you Wherever You're At

Online Therapy may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Online therapy goes by a lot of different names.  Sometimes it’s called online counseling, telehealth, telemental health, virtual counseling, or distance counseling but the idea is generally the same.  You find a comfortable, private space in your own home, office, car or other location and login to speak to your therapist.


Can kids or teens use telehealth?

Absolutely!  At Peace of Mind Wellness and Family Counseling, Inc., we see children aged 8 and up for online counseling sessions.  We get a little creative with our youngest clients and have found that it usually works really well!  In fact, some older children and teens may even connect faster with a therapist online.  We’ve noticed that teenagers have grown up learning to connect with others online, so it’s a natural way for them to form a relationship.  Furthermore, they’re able to stay somewhere they already feel comfortable while we talk!

How safe is telehealth?

We use a HIPAA compliant platform in order to protect your privacy and confidentiality.

Patients can participate in sessions from home or any location determined appropriate by the patient and their clinician.

If a patient does not have the technical capability to participate in sessions from home (no internet connection or access to smart phones with cellular connection) they can participate in therapy from one of the “originating sites.”  

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What Makes Telehealth so Effective?

More Focused One-On-One Conversations

A Telehealth encounter eliminates all of the distractions of a busy medical office environment. The patient and the provider can focus on the present concern. A video chat is also a far more effective means of communication than the telephone.

Fewer Obstacles to Treatment

Many things can get in the way of getting in to see the therapist. Transportation can be expensive and time-consuming. It may be difficult or unaffordable to get time off from work. Many people have child or elder care responsibilities that are not easy to offload. All of these challenges may make someone less likely to make a needed appointment and more likely to cancel if they do. Another barrier to treatment is the lack of specialty providers, especially in rural or underserved areas. Telehealth eliminates all of these barriers by making it easy for patients to get care from wherever they happen to be.

A Broader Approach to Treatment

The option of video visits makes it easier for the provider and patient to craft a comprehensive treatment plan that may address needs not always met in an office setting. Appointments can be made to discuss medication management or review test results. Lifestyle coaching can be part of the plan for patients working to manage their weight or stop smoking. Providers can take a more holistic approach to care without a negative impact on office administration.


Reduced Risk of Exposure

Despite everyone’s best efforts, every time a person with a contagious illness goes to the doctor, there’s a risk that the illness will spread to others in the office. During a video visit, a contagious person can be assessed without exposing other patients or office staff to the ailment. Patients who don’t have a communicable condition also benefit by being seen remotely because they don’t come in contact with contagious people who must be seen in the office.

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What do Telehealth or Teletherapy Require?

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Scheduling Your First Online Appointment

Peace of Mind Wellness and Family Counseling, Inc. telehealth allows you to get the mental health care you want in a way that has never been more convenient. Connect to our providers using any device with internet access- phone, tablet, or computer. All online therapy services are currently available for California and Texas residents.

Step 1: Click to schedule a telehealth appointment.

Step 2: Meet with one of our compassionate therapists

Step3: Start your journey toward a better version of yourself.

What do Telehealth or Teletherapy Require?

For your appointment, you will need to have access to a private place and a computer/tablet/smart phone with a camera and high speed internet. Peace of Mind Wellness and Family Counseling, Inc. will provide you with access to a secure HIPAA compliant videoconferencing software free of charge. All you have to do is be on your device and logged on at the time of your appointment. Is Telehealth or Teletherapy Secure? Peace of Mind Wellness and Family Counseling, Inc. ensures the interaction between the patient and psychiatrist/therapist is completely secure and HIPAA compliant. The teleconferencing software encrypts all forms of data, including video and audio.