Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Treatment

Move Beyond Racing Thoughts, Stress and Worry

Everyone feels anxious some of the time. When it is persistent, however, that’s a sign it’s time to treat your anxiety. Persistent anxiety can affect your ability to enjoy life. You might feel a sense of consistent worry just beneath the surface of your thoughts, making it impossible for you to focus.

Your thoughts might race so quickly that you feel as though your head will explode. Or, you may find yourself obsessing over a small thing and blowing it out of proportion in your mind, imagining the worst-case scenario.

Perhaps you feel tired and restless throughout the day. You might experience stomach pain, muscle tension, or headaches. You may have sought out medical advice, with no diagnosis or treatment for your symptoms. Maybe your feelings of stress and worry have escalated, leading you to think you might be dying. Perhaps you’ve even gone to the emergency room during period of panic. These feelings can be painful, frustrating or even frightening to live with. It doesn’t have to be this way.

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What are common anxiety symptoms?

Intense feelings of anxiety that affect almost every aspect of your life characterize an anxiety disorder. Anxiety changes how you perceive the world. It can significantly interfere with your quality of life when it damages school or work performance and prevents you from socializing and completing everyday tasks.

The most common physical signs and symptoms of anxiety include

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What causes anxiety?

Anxiety disorders don’t have a single cause. A variety of factors can contribute to anxiety, including stress, financial trouble, and childhood or adult trauma. In addition, brain chemistry and genetics can increase your risk of anxiety

How is anxiety treated?

The caring team at Peace of Mind Wellness and Family Counseling, Inc. designs personalized treatment plans to address anxiety. Your mental health professional targets the root cause of your anxiety while also focusing on improving your overall health and wellness. 

Custom treatment plans use counseling techniques, natural remedies, and pharmaceuticals. Your comprehensive anxiety treatment may include:

Working closely with your provider, you develop healthier strategies to cope with your anxious emotions and learn techniques that allow you to respond calmly to triggering situations. Gradually, you regain control over your anxiety and your life improves for the better.

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