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Dr. Karin Celosse, PsyD, MSCP

Dr. Karin Celosse is a licensed clinical psychologist with extensive experience in the area of health psychology along with experience in neuropsychological evaluations. Dr. Celosse is located in the state of CA and specializes in working with individuals who have a history of experience of trauma, underserved individuals, those who struggle with chronic and severe mental illness, concerns of substance addiction and dependence, and individuals who have complex medical needs. She additionally has extensive experience as adjunct faculty, where she has taught in both online and on-ground programs over the past seven years. She has worked with individuals struggling with chronic mental illness in the hospital setting and in the State Prison system as a licensed Clinical Psychologist for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). Prior to this, she spent time working with juvenile offenders at a County Probation Central Youth Reporting Center, providing mental health services on Skid Row in Los Angeles, and conducting intakes, assessments, and evaluations at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Before entering the field of mental health, Dr. Celosse spent well over a decade as a medic and field training officer in the emergency medical services field, affording her unique insights into the medical aspects of mental health.

Dr. Celosse additionally has a post-doctoral MS in clinical psychopharmacology (prescriptive track) and extensive training in public health, and community and forensic mental health, including:

  • UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs/OCHCA, Motivational Interviewing & Brief Interventions 
  • 9th Annual Community First Conference, Post-Traumatic Stress & First Responders 
  • Orange County Sheriffs Regional Training Academy, Coming together to reduce domestic violence (symposium)
  • OCHCA –Behavioral Health Services Training to include Psychopharma-cology; 5150/5585 Designation; LGBT Transitional Aged Youth MH; Using play therapy to help children heal from trauma; and Workplace violence/active shooter training.
Karin Celosse

Dr. Karin Celosse, PsyD, MSCP

Dr. Celosse was also a co-presenter at the 2017 Western American Correctional
Health Services Association Symposium “Modern Challenges in Jails and Prisons”, presenting on the topic of “Clinical vs Interpersonal Concerns in Managing Inmate Mental Health Complaints”, and has written several grant applications, including NIJ Graduate Research Fellowship Program in the Social and Behavioral Sciences: NIJ–2015–3975; State of California Trauma Recovery Services Center funding opportunity for Centro De Bienestar De Familiar; and her Dissertation focused on whether or not personality factors in law enforcement and corrections officers have an effect on perceptions around supportive community programs for formerly incarcerated persons with a history of non-violent felony drug offense(s). 

Dr. Celosse’s research interests include the psychopathology of power, especially as it relates to prejudice and discrimination. This includes exploring  whether there are features of the self (e.g., self-presentation, self-compassion, self-identity, gender identity), social context (e.g., socioeconomic disadvantage, poverty, psychosocial stress) and experiences of social interaction (e.g., expectancy confirmation, attribution, persuasion, social exclusion) that protect, reinforce, disrupt, or undermine the basic behavioral and psychological mechanisms that support adaptive behavior.

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