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Anthony Williams, LMFT

Anthony Williams

Anthony Williams, LMFT

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Hello, My name is Anthony William, LMFT. For the past 19 years, I have worked for the LA COUNTY Department of Mental Health in different positions and programs. I began my career as a Community worker, Medical Case worker I and II, Clinician I and II. I became a Mental Health Clinician in 2015.

My interest includes, being active, I love to be outdoors, spending time with my family, serving the community and learning all there is to know. 

I have a BS in business management, a Master’s in psychology and a Master’s of Clinical Psychology. My education journey continues, as I plot my next course.

I am an Existential, CBT trained, Psychodynamic therapist that believes in allowing the CT to Narrate their story and create their own unique outcomes. 

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