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Jim Moakley, LMFT

Jim Moakly

Jim Moakley, LMFT

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You deserve to feel happy, healthy, and loved! How you relate to the world around you can help you feel joy, appreciation, and fulfillment. As a result of our stressful and demanding lives, we can become disconnected from what is most important to us; poor communication leads to a lack of understanding, and we become demanding, intolerant, and unforgiving of ourselves and of others. Gaining awareness, and learning from the past instead of dwelling on it, are some of the first steps toward moving forward. I find nothing more satisfying than helping people to overcome their obstacles so that they can love and feel loved, accept and feel accepted, and realize that they are truly worthy of all that life has to offer. Since 2009, I’ve helped individuals, couples, families, and groups, of all ages, from all walks of life, and facing a wide variety of challenges, to become better versions of
themselves. Because everyone is different, I use the best from many theoretical orientations to customize my approach to fit the client, instead of the other way around. You choose your goals, not me; together, let’s work to achieve them, and
start turning your possibilities into realities!

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